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     Liberty pays tribute to the final game and final victory ride of the legendary Coach Paul W. Bryant.  The setting was the historic Liberty Bowl football classic, played in Memphis on December 29, 1982.  When Coach Bryant announced that this game would be his last  as head football coach for the University of Alabama, a commemorative painting by Daniel Moore was conceived. The word "LIBERTY" at the top of the painting represents the Liberty Bowl, which served as the backdrop on which the post-game drama unfolded; the "number one" gesture of the player's hand - the greatest coach in the history of major collegiate football; the eleven players in the composition - teams throughout the years whose hard work and dedication "carried" Bryant to the pinnacle of his success; the numbers "21" and "15" on the players' helmets the winning score against Illinois; helmets numbered "58, 82 and 83" - Bryant's first year as head coach at Alabama ,1982 his retirement and 1983, his death, respectively.